Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp offers the return of a highly useful crop that can help improve the world as well as the economics of farming.

Consistent profitability for the farming community requires sustainability within this reemerging industry and the infrastructure in which to operate. Learning and understanding how we can best produce a crop that makes it to market is key.

We will help you excel at AHA as well as in your chosen career. Congratulations on your new career move!



8960 Commerce Drive, Suite 5F, De Soto, Kansas 66018
Our campus is located in De Soto, Kansas and is a total expression of AHA image and educational philosophy. This philosophy is based on keeping family farm businesses and communities prosperous from generation to generation, personal attention, and intense Theory and Practical application processes. The campus features free parking, high end facility, spacious classrooms, and laboratory stations.

Becoming AHA Certified

The primary purpose of our course is to inform and train students in those theory and practical experiences which will best prepare them for Industrial Hemp employment opportunities. Students will receive training to pursue a professional career in Industrial Hemp production and distribution. The course is taught in English.
Course Goals
Students will be provided a curriculum that includes theory and practical experiences in all phases of Industrial Hemp production and distribution to meet certification requirements.
Prepare for written & practical examinations
Gain entry-level skills and work efficiency needed for the Industrial Hemp industry.
Develop relationships with potential employers, employees, & buyers
Class Format
Our courses combine lectures, demonstrations, visual aids and printed illustrations with practical hands-on experience. Topics include:
History of Hemp Cultivation, Production, & Use
Fundamentals of Growing, Harvest, and Processing Industrial Hemp for Grain, Fiber, and CBD Oil Production
Processing Hemp for Food, Fiber, and CBD Products, Industrial and Value-Added Products
Equipment for Harvesting & Processing Hemp
Greenhouse Production
Potential Buyers Programs

Here's what our students and the industry have to say about America's Hemp Academy

“Exemplifies the knowledge and professionalism this industry needs. We strive to give our members a valuable resource to use in their emerging businesses. With the help of America's Hemp Academy, we accomplished that service to our members.”
J. Ervin
Missouri Hemp Trade Association
"I enrolled in America’s Hemp Academy because I wanted to invest in myself. As an entrepreneur, interested in the industrial hemp market, I completely shifted industries and I needed to get the most concise and accurate education available. That is why I chose America’s Hemp Academy. I can’t say enough positive things about the academy, the curriculum, staff and educators."
M. Kealey
Class of August 2019
"I wasn’t really sure what to expect; but after the first day, I knew I had made the right decision and I hope that others will take the time to invest for themselves at the academy. I am grateful for the experience, the continued relationship as an alumni and simply the information that I learned. Do yourself a favor, if you are reading this and trying to make up your mind, JUST DO IT!"
R. Peterson
Class of August 2019
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